Six Ways to Turn Your Wife on

Do you feel like sex with your wife is going stale in the bedroom? If so, read on to learn six ways to turn her on.

1. Feed her fantasies. This will turn her on very fast, especially during foreplay. You can feed her sexual fantasies by: giving her a mani/pedi, massages, or giving her a surprise gift like a vibrator.

1. Make her feel special.

If you’ve been married for a while, sex can sometimes become routine. Especially since you’re both occupied with other responsibilities during the day and night. To prevent sex from feeling like a chore, try to make it more spontaneous. You can also keep it exciting by revealing your sexual fantasies to her. For example, if she dreams about being kissed by a police officer, you can role play and act it out with her. This will turn her on even more.

Another way to make her feel special is by using vibrators for foreplay. These toys can be trailed around her nipples, used along her pelvic area, or pressed on her clit during sex. They can also increase the number of orgasms she has during penetration.

Finally, you can make her feel special by telling her how much you love her. You can do this by verbally complimenting her or giving her a loving massage. You can also spoil her with gifts. If you’re not sure what her love language is, you can take a quiz online to find out.

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2. Make her laugh.

A girl’s sense of humor is often a big turn on. Try to find out what kind of humor she likes best, by asking her questions or by watching her favorite comedy shows or movies. Once you know what kind of jokes she likes, you can work on developing your own humor skills to make her laugh even more.

If you want to make her laugh and turn her on at the same time, use some playful sarcasm. This means saying things that sound innocent but also have a hidden sexual innuendo. For example, you could say something like “You look so ugly in that dress,” when you really mean that she looks spectacular.

You can also use physical humor to make her laugh and turn her on at once. For example, you could tell a funny story about one of her childhood memories, or you can playfully suggest that she is not right in the head. This will create a feeling of closeness that will help her to be more open to sex.

3. Give her a hug.

There is a lot of advice out there on how to seduce your wife. Unfortunately, many of these techniques are either too complicated or don’t work. What you need is something simple, that you can do right now.

One of the best ways to turn your wife on is by giving her a hug. A good hug can make her feel close to you and makes her more receptive to sexual advances. This is why it is important to give her hugs often.

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Another way to turn her on is by telling her about your fantasies. This can be anything from role-playing to a specific location that you both want to hook up in. Telling her about your fantasies will make her feel turned on and will create anticipation for your next encounter.

Lastly, you can turn her on by surprising her with sexy lingerie or a vibrator. This will show her that you are thinking about her and that you care about her. It is also a great way to break down any walls between you.

4. Give her a kiss.

Women love to feel wanted. A kiss might seem like a small gesture but it can turn her on big time. Just make sure that the kiss is not merely to gratify your sexual urges. Instead, give her a kiss that will make her want to touch you and kiss you more often.

One great way to do this is by smooching her neck. The skin on her neck has many nerve endings and when sucked it can be extremely erotic. You can also try kissing other parts of her body that are arousing to her like her feet or knees.

If you have been struggling to get your wife in the mood for sex, it might be time to talk to her about it. Having ‘the talk’ can be intimidating but it is necessary to avoid future problems that may affect your intimacy. If you need help getting your wife in the mood for sex, please do not hesitate to contact a licensed couples therapist for professional assistance. We can help you find the right solution to your problem and save your marriage.

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5. Make her feel loved.

The best way to make your wife feel loved is by showing her how much you care for her. This can be done by cooking her dinner, bringing her flowers, or just spending time with her. By making her feel loved, you can get her in the mood for sex.

Foreplay is a great way to turn her on. You can do this by sending her flirty texts throughout the day or by telling her how sexy she looks. You can also use sexy toys to stimulate her in the bedroom. Try trailing one around her nipples, traveling up towards her pelvic area, or pressing it on her clit.

It is important to remember that every woman is different. What makes one woman horny may not necessarily work for another. It is also important to understand that sex is a process, and it takes time to get in the mood. With patience and careful planning, you can help your wife get horny again and have the satisfying sex life she wants. Remember to treat her with respect and don’t ever compare her to other women.

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