How to Write Erotic Letters

Love letters can be so much more intimate than sending a text message. Use nice, neat paper and a pen to make it feel even more special.

Ulysses writer James Joyce exchanged steamy letters with his muse and lover, Nora Barnacle. The letters were erotic and explicit — like an Edwardian answer to sexting.

1. Get creative

If you’re thinking of writing erotic love letters, it’s important to get creative. After all, the aim is to entice and seduce with words, not by using physical objects. The key is to blaze a trail through your lover’s brain (or whatever other part of their anatomy you can think of) that will leave them craving more.

As you get more practice, your letter will become easier to write. But before you start, it’s good to familiarize yourself with the genre and its conventions.

Read some erotic fiction and pay attention to how the authors use dialogue and characters to create sexual tension. Also, pay attention to how they structure their work and hit the ‘beats’ that are essential for storytelling.

Writing erotica takes courage, but it can be an excellent way to make money. Many erotic writers report making significant residual income from their work, even without a traditional publishing contract. And with self-publishing platforms like Amazon’s Kindle Store, it’s never been easier to release and promote your work to the masses. Whether you’re writing short stories or full-length novels, this is a great way to break into the business.

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2. Set the mood

The love letter has been around since people could write, but when you’re writing erotica, there are some things that help you really get the point across. Good quality paper is one thing (that’s a Papermate, not some crappy notebook) and a decent pen, but the real key to a great love letter is the mood you set.

Erotic writing can be arousing without being sexually explicit. You can use real-world descriptions of sight, sound, touch and smell to create a mood of romance. Avoid the trap of pornographic and purple prose (a term used to describe writing that’s overly ornate and flowery) because it can turn off readers.

It helps to start with the kink (or right before the kink) because it’s often the anticipation of a climax that’s most exciting. It’s also important to hit the beats – a story that doesn’t move at an appropriate pace will not hold the reader’s attention. In erotica this often means the climax will be the first time the main characters will experience each other – so make sure that first time is memorable!

3. Get sexy

When writing erotic letters it is essential to make sure that the language used is seductive and suggestive. This is to heighten the emotions of the reader and build their anticipation for sex.

A sexy letter can also be a good way to communicate sexual boundaries. For example, a couple might agree that talking about their fantasies is sexy but they don’t want to actually go through with them. Putting this into a letter and communicating it openly can help to ensure that all parties are aware of the limits and can enjoy the experience of sexy letters.

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A sexy letter can also be an excellent way to send a love bomb. If you are separated from your partner by distance a spicy love note can really take the edge off and show them just how much you miss them. You could even include a photo of you two together, and that will be a real turn on for them. Just be careful not to overdo it with the photos or it will just look tacky.

4. Get intimate

When it comes to writing erotica, it’s important to understand that eroticism is about more than just explicit content. It’s also about arousing your partner’s senses by using sensual language to describe physical and emotional feelings and experiences. Whether you’re looking to seduce your partner or simply express how much you love them, an erotic letter can be an effective way to do it.

When writing your erotic letter, it’s important to consider what your sexual boundaries are and how you want to communicate those with your lover. For example, you may want to use your erotic letter to share a little about your sexy fantasies and let your partner know what turns you on the most.

In a world where communication is mostly through text messages, there’s nothing like the feel of a handwritten letter to evoke emotions and spark intrigue. Get some high-quality paper and a fancy pen, and start composing your erotic love letter. Your partner will be glad you did.

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5. Get explicit

Don’t forget about explicit content when writing erotica. Sex scenes are a must in this genre and can be a major draw for potential readers. However, it is important not to go overboard with them. Pornographic descriptions or purple prose (a term for writing that is overly ornate and flowery) can turn readers off. A sex scene is arousing if it feels real to the reader and it is left somewhat open to the imagination.

Remember that sex is not just physical, but emotional and mental as well. Add conflict and tension by giving your characters a past, a problem they need to solve or an insecurity. Add emotional and mental arousal by showing your character’s emotions and dilemmas as they try to overcome these obstacles in their relationship.

Keep these tips in mind to write erotica that is both sensual and intelligent. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of sexy scenes and find the ones that work best for your story. It’s all part of the process of becoming a better writer!

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