The Best Homemade Sex Toys For Men

While male sex toys often come with a stigma, they’re actually easy to make and fun to use. You just have to know which household items to play with and where to find them.

For instance, take a cardboard tube (like from an empty Pringles can or plastic bottle) and wedge 2 soft sponges inside. Then apply lube and go to town!

Couch Cushion

Whether you’re on a budget or just not ready to drop the cash on a new vibe, there are plenty of cheap and easy DIY male masturbators that can provide almost as much pleasure. You’ll need a little bit of ingenuity and household items, like towels, latex gloves, sponges, cornstarch, bubble wrap, or pool noodles.

One of the easiest DIY sex toys for men, the Couch Cushion, is a simple and discreet masturbation tool that works by covering your penis with a soft, fleshy material. The material can be made from a variety of materials, but the most popular option is platinum cure silicone, the same type used by Fleshlights. Smooth-On is an excellent source of this body-safe ingredient that you can buy online or in bulk.

To make a Couch Cushion, you’ll need a clean stick, a microwaveable tumbler, and some starch (like the stuff you put in balloons). Mix equal parts water and starch together in the tumbler until it becomes thick. Microwave the mixture for around 30 seconds, then let it cool down in the fridge until a stick can be inserted into the middle with minimal resistance.

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Squid have long been associated with sea monsters and old sailors’ tales, but these amazing creatures play a critical role in the ecosystem of our oceans. They are a type of cephalopod, meaning they have a soft elongated mantle that protects their delicate internal organs. The head holds eyes the size of dinner plates, which allow them to see bioluminescent prey or predators lurking in the dark.

While squid move quickly through the water by jet-propelling their body, they can also squirt a cloud of ink to distract and confuse their enemy. They have a thin cable-like structure called an axon that transmits signals from one part of the brain to another, similar to how nerves work in humans.

When it comes to reproduction, a male squid will place its sperm inside a female squid’s arms so she can store it until she needs it. The female squid will then lay her eggs, either by attaching them to seaweed or burying them in the sand on the ocean floor. After laying her eggs, the female squid will leave and never return.

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Electric Toothbrush

Fleshlights are a popular male masturbation toy thanks to their realistic feeling internal sleeve, but they’re not cheap. They can be made with a few household items though, making them the perfect DIY sex toy for men who want to keep their pleasure on a budget.

An electric toothbrush, some tissue paper or clean cloth and a condom make an excellent prostate massager, especially when lubricated. This is one of the more difficult DIY sex toys for men to make but it’s worth the effort for those with the patience.

The old classic sock masturbator is an excellent masturbation toy for men, but a little tweaking can really boost the sensation. This upgrade involves an old sock suited to your penis size, a latex glove, rubber bands and lubricant. The folds and curves in the glove recreate the sensation of vaginal ridges for a truly intense orgasm. You can even use a pair of golf balls for extra stimulation. Leather belt restraints also work well, especially if you have a fetish for anal play.

Clone-a-Willy Kit

The Clone-a-Willy kit lets you mold your own dildo using liquid silicone. The kit contains a powder that you mix with water to make a mold, then insert your own erect penis into the mold before pouring in the liquid silicone. The finished dildo is then solid and ready to use. It’s important to read the instructions carefully so you don’t mess up.

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If you want a more realistic dildo, consider getting the “with balls” version of this kit. It comes with two powder bags instead of just one, plus a multispeed vibrator that you can attach to the end of your new dildo.

The kit has everything you need (except for water), including detailed directions, a stirring stick, a thermometer to ensure the water is the right temperature for molding, and clear or skin-toned silicone to match your or your partner’s body color. This kit is perfect for couples who love to make sex toys together or for those who need extra realism in their playtime. It’s also great for lovers who live apart, giving them a chance to feel close to each other even when they’re miles away.

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