How to Wash a Fleshlight

Cleaning your Fleshlight is a must-do step if you want to keep it hygienic. You should never use a tissue or wet wipes to clean your toy, because they can leave behind fragments that might get trapped in the internal canal.

The best way to wash your fleshlight is with water, but you can also spritz it with the official Fleshwash or a general toy cleaner that shouldn’t cause unwanted chemical reactions with the material.

1. Cold Water

Fleshlight sex toys are a major advancement in masturbation as they combine skin-like SuperSkin material with stimulating canal texture. They’re also very flexible and realistic, which makes them a lot of fun to use. That’s why it’s important to keep up with cleaning them as you go, otherwise they could develop mildew and stinky odors.

You should avoid using soap to clean your fleshlight as it degrades the material and allows mold and bacteria to thrive, and you should always dry it thoroughly before putting it back in its case. Ideally, you should do this with a toy cleaner designed specifically for fleshlights like Lovehoney Fresh or a generic solution that won’t react with the sleeve and is chemically neutral.

Once the sleeve, caps and case are dry, it’s a good idea to sprinkle some cornstarch on it as this helps it feel soft and supple again after being stored for a while. You should also get into the habit of cleaning it at the first opportunity you can, including using isopropyl alcohol and drying it properly, as otherwise it will grow mildew and mold and start to stink.

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2. Warm Water

If you really want to speed things up, you can also try using a hairdryer on the low setting (but don’t get it too hot as this could damage the sleeve). But for the best results, leave your Fleshlight out to dry, preferably in a cool place away from humidity. Once it’s completely dry, reassemble the sleeve and case, and don’t forget to put the cap back on.

Just a note, don’t use soap on your fleshlight – this will cause the Cyberskin material to deteriorate. If you need to clean it with something other than water, try a branded toy cleaner such as FleshWash, or a generic sex toy cleaning spray that doesn’t contain any soap.

It’s also important to remember that a Fleshlight can’t be used with oil-based lube, as it will turn the material into a safe-haven for bacteria. This means you should only use water to wash it, and then a lube that won’t react with the material. Fleshlight makes a special lube especially for their sleeves, which you can find here, or you could use a lube such as Lovehoney’s Fresh, that shouldn’t react with the material at all.

3. Hot Water

The simplest and least messy way to wash a fleshlight is to run it through warm water. Make sure the water isn’t too hot though, as this could damage the toy. This is important, because even a little bit of cum left on a fleshlight can cause bacteria and yeast infections.

Soap (especially liquid soap), cornstarch, or other cleaning powders can also cause these problems, since they leave a film on the surface of the material. Over time, these films can build up and clog the toy, leading to mold, yeast infection, or just a generally gross feeling.

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To clean a Fleshlight with warm water, pull the top loose from the rim of the case while lifting it upward. Then, simply rinse it inside and out with warm water. After rinsing, sanitize the sleeve with a small amount of anti-bacterial soap or even regular hand soap. After the sleeve, case, and caps are clean, shake them dry and let them air-dry. This is especially important if you live in a humid climate, as this will prevent any mold from growing on your fleshlight.

4. Isopropyl Alcohol

Fleshlight sleeve are flexible, realistic and durable toys, but they need some TLC to stay that way. Regular cleaning and drying will keep bacteria and dirt from building up in the material that gives the toy its signature feel, and it’ll help the sleeve avoid odor and mildew.

After rinsing, you can use a small amount of isopropyl alcohol (the kind found in rubbing alcohol) to disinfect the sleeve. 70% strength is ideal, as it’s strong enough to kill bacteria but not damaging to the fleshlight’s materials.

You shouldn’t wash your fleshlight with anything other than warm water, isopropyl alcohol or Fleshwash (Fleshlight’s official toy cleaner). Washing with soap, body wash, hand sanitizer, generic sex toy cleaning spray and the like will damage the Super Skin material over time. After washing, let your fleshlight dry completely before putting it back into its case or storing it in a cool, dark place. Moisture is the enemy of any sex toy, and it’s especially dangerous for a Fleshlight, which can easily mold or mildew. Drying it thoroughly prevents that from happening, and can speed up the process.

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5. Drying

Using soap to clean a fleshlight can degrade its Super Skin material, so it’s best not to do that. Instead, empty out the water and give it a quick rinse and spritzing of Fleshlight’s official toy cleaner inside and out. Then, pat it dry with a towel and leave it to air dry.

This is important, because if you put it back into its case while it’s wet, it can lead to mold or mildew problems. It’s better to let it dry on a dish rack or something similar, or prop it up on a radiator (assuming you don’t live in an especially cold place).

Finally, once the sleeve, case, and caps are completely dry, it’s time for some maintenance. Before putting it back together, it’s a good idea to dust it well with cornstarch to protect its surfaces and keep the supple, realistic feel that makes a Fleshlight so addictive. Don’t use talcum powder or baby powder, as these can damage the surface. Then, reassemble your Fleshlight and get ready to play again!

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