How to Write Erotic Fiction

Writing erotic fiction is fun and challenging, but it’s also hard work. It’s important to think carefully about your story and how to make it steamy without falling into cliches.

For instance, a scene where a character is blindfolded and having hot wax drip onto her bare torso is evocative and can be erotic, but it can also become cliche.


Writing erotic fiction is fun, but it can also be a lot of hard work. It’s important to understand the genre and its conventions before you start writing. A good place to start is by studying the works of other erotic authors. This will give you an idea of what to expect and what to avoid.

When it comes to writing erotica, the most important thing is to create an emotional experience for your reader. This can be done by using a combination of sexual anticipation, arousal, and action. It’s also important to use descriptive language that is relevant to the time and place of the story.

Remember that erotic fiction is not just about sex, but it’s about character transformation and conflict resolution. A good way to achieve this is by placing the characters in sexy environments. Whether it’s the back of a clapped-out Ford Cortina or the bins behind the Plaza cinema, sexiness will make for an unforgettable climax.

Another way to increase the tension in your story is by revealing only as much as necessary. Often, telling the reader everything can detract from the excitement. Rather, try to show the reader what’s happening and leave some room for imagination. This will also help the reader to become involved in your story.

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The characters in erotica have to be sexy, but they should also be human. Readers want to connect with them, and they won’t do that if the characters are too perfect or unrealistic. Erotic authors often use a mix of characteristics, such as attractiveness and athleticism, to create characters that appeal to the readers.

Erotica writers should always keep in mind that their readers are looking for escapism. Readers are not interested in reading a story that glorifies rape, for example. Rather, they want to read stories that depict consensual sex and don’t contain disgusting or laughable euphemisms for sex or private parts. Moreover, they should avoid writing stories that are too graphic and too explicit.

To learn how to write an erotic novel, you should study the bestsellers in your chosen subgenre. Find out what makes them different from each other and how they end. Look for patterns and then choose the type of ending that best fits your story. After all, the best way to finish your erotic novel is to leave the reader wanting more. You can do that by giving your characters a satisfying sex scene or a new kink to explore. For example, if your story ends with a dance, then the dancing must be done well to push the plot and characters forward.

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Vignettes are the short scenes that add atmosphere to a story. They may be two lines long or a paragraph and can evoke emotion in the reader. Vignettes are more difficult to write than the rest of the story because they require a lot of creativity and a lot of staring into space until you find the visual or tactile details that will immerse the reader in your character’s skin.

In erotic fiction, these details might include a prehensile lobe that protrudes from the nape of your heroine’s neck or an extra sinus cavity concealed coquettishly in her armpit. They can also involve the fetish or kink that your story is focused on, so make sure to choose them wisely.

A good vignette will be a moment of catharsis for your readers and help them visualize your characters in ways that would be unimaginable without the vignette. Vignettes are a key element in the climax of any erotic story and should be treated with as much attention as the rest of the plot.

Vignettes need to be specific, so avoid including too much backstory or exposition in them. Instead of describing the character’s emotional state, show it through their actions in the scene. They also need to mesh with the fetish or kink of your story, so if your stock characters are having a sexy encounter, it should reflect that and be in line with any other elements you have set up in your plot.

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Writing erotica is an excellent way to make money online, particularly if you self-publish your work on Amazon. While this is a popular choice for many writers, it’s important to remember that thorough editing, professional formatting, and a well-designed cover are still essential to your book’s success.

Erotica readers are often looking for escapism. So, your characters should be in a place that is both exciting and familiar to your audience, like a romantic moonlit beach or a sumptuous hotel room. Also, the setting should have low lighting and a great soundtrack to enhance the sensual atmosphere of your scene.

Sex has a story and character purpose in erotica, and it should be fully explored by your characters. However, if it feels gratuitous or too easy, the reader will likely lose interest in your story. Your sex scenes should be full of arousal, anticipation and conflict.

Finally, your climax should be satisfying. Whether it’s acceptance of a kink, or evolution into a veteran of the kink, your ending should have something to keep your readers engaged and wanting more. Hopefully, your protagonists will get together at the end, but if they don’t, there should be hope for future books.

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