Why Do Women Like Giving Oral Sex?

From fellatio to cunnilingus, we asked women to get real about their feelings about giving head. The results were eye-opening.

Many people enjoy oral sex, but some don’t, or they only like it if their partner wants it. This article will answer the question “Do women like giving oral?” and explore the reasons why some love it, while others hate it.

1. It’s a way to express love

When it comes to giving oral, many women find that this is a way of expressing their love for their partner. It’s also a way of showing their sexual power.

Many people enjoy the sensation of having their man’s spit in their mouth, and some even prefer it to dry stimulation. This is because saliva is a natural lubricant, which makes it easier to orgasm.

For some, this is more intimate than intercourse and it can help them climax in ways that they couldn’t with a vibrator or touching. However, it’s important to communicate with your partner about their preference and make sure that you don’t force them into anything they don’t want to do.

For some, oral sex isn’t something that they really love, but it is one of the best ways to show their partner that they care about them. It can be a way to express their sexual pleasure, and it can make them feel good about themselves. After all, it’s a form of intimacy and love, and what’s not to like?

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2. It’s a way to control her

Sometimes, women may not like to give oral sex for a variety of reasons. It could be a matter of comfort or a feeling that they might be doing it wrong. It’s important to discuss these feelings with your partner and to find a way to make the situation better for everyone.

Oral play can be an excellent way to increase sexual pleasure for both partners. Using the lips to kiss her can stimulate her arousal, and stroking the clitoris with the tongue is also a turn on for many women. However, it’s important to wait until she is fully aroused from foreplay before doing this. Otherwise, you may be overstimulating her and causing pain.

While it’s not always possible to control how she feels about giving head, you can help her feel more comfortable with the idea by being respectful and letting her decide what turns her on. Often, she will start out reluctant and slowly grow to love the act. If she does, you’ll both be much happier for it. And remember, it’s okay to be a little selfish; getting her to go down on you is a big ego boost for many women.

3. It’s a way to make her feel comfortable

Many people don’t like oral sex because of concerns about sanitation, past sexual abuse, or simply because they feel like it’s the wrong thing to do. For these reasons, you should never force your partner to do something they don’t enjoy.

If she does decide to go down on you, remember to take it slow and treat it like foreplay. Licking, lightly nibbling, and moving your lips around her erogenous zones are all great ways to tease her and build up excitement. And don’t forget to use a little lubrication, either, as that will help with the pleasure and reduce friction and discomfort.

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If she does orgasm, that’s the cherry on top. It’s also worth mentioning that she may be feeling a lot more than just physical sensations during this time. Oral sex can be a powerful act of seduction that involves emotion, pleasure, and control. For this reason, it can be a very intimate experience. If she wants to explore other erogenous zones down there, it’s best to let her lead the way.

4. It’s a way to turn her on

Some people feel the erotic sensation of having their lover’s genitals in their mouth, and that can make them turned on. However, not everyone feels the same way about oral sex, and that’s okay! It’s important to be honest with your partner and let them know if it makes you uncomfortable. You may also find that they prefer other forms of foreplay like head play, for example.

Some women enjoy giving oral sex because it’s a way to turn their partner on, according to Maxim writer Cara Hessels. This can be a very intimate experience, and it’s a great way to build up tension before sexual activity.

Women tend to like oral sex because it’s soft and warm, and it can be used for foreplay or for oral orgasm. In addition, it can be more effective than other forms of foreplay because saliva helps to reduce friction and prevents burns. The key is to remember to keep it wet, as dry stimulation can irritate rather than turn her on. And it’s also important to pay attention to her reactions and focus on what feels good to her.

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5. It’s a way to make her orgasm

For some people, oral sex can be more than just an orgasm; it’s also a way to feel powerful. “With someone’s most sensitive parts in your mouth, you have the power to give them pleasure and pain,” explains sex therapist Moushumi Ghose. “That’s a pretty amazing feeling.”

So, how do you make her moan? For one, it’s important to pay attention to what she enjoys. Try a variety of tongue moves, and don’t be afraid to switch things up. Adding more pressure, or increasing the speed of your strokes can give her a deeper orgasm. For an extra special treat, try licking around her clitoris while fingering her. This dual stimulation can lead to a blended orgasm (a combination of clitoral and G-Spot orgasms).

Another important factor is reciprocation. A recent study found that women who received oral sex from their partners were 19 percent more likely to enjoy giving head. That’s why communication is key. Be sure to let her know what she’s turning you on, and don’t be afraid to ask for her opinions.

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