What Do Boobs Taste Like?

Breasts can feel tender, sore and achy at times because of hormonal changes during puberty or when a woman gets her period. Hormones can also change their shape and size.

Sometimes, certain medications or supplements can taint breastfeeding mothers’ milk with a different flavor or smell. Other things like perfumes, body sprays or nipple cream can also cause the milk to taste different.


Some women have a salty taste to their breasts and this can be caused by a number of things. It could be due to the shampoo and body wash she uses in the shower (which is likely to run over the same area) or it might be from her sweating. It might also be due to the fact that some people secrete oils and fluid from their nipples even when they are not pregnant or breastfeeding, this can leave a slightly salty taste behind on the skin – This part of the material is taken from the website sexetchat.com. It might also be from eating foods that contain onions and garlic, this can cause a similar smell to the nipple.

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A soapy smell or taste is one that resembles soap, especially when it’s foamy. If something tastes soapy, it means that it has a lot of soap in it or on it. For example, you might describe a hot chocolate as being soapy if it has too much soap in it. You might also use the word soapy to refer to a compliment that is overly flattering. These examples are selected automatically from various online sources, and may not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. This entry was posted in Funny, Language, Life, Miscellaneous and tagged Boobs, taste on January 23, 2014 by admin.

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There are a few people who have offended feelings about the word “boob” being used to describe a woman’s breasts. They generally believe that the word has a negative connotation and that it is offensive because of its origins in a derogatory term for stupid or foolish people. This is not the case and it is just one of many slang words that exist to refer to a woman’s breasts.

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A girl’s breasts do not taste differently than any other part of her body. They may taste slightly oniony or sweaty from her showering habits and they might also taste a little bit saltier during lactation. The only time a girl’s breasts might have an unpleasant taste is if she secretes oils or fluid from them and the smell can be a little like armpits. This is usually due to poor hygiene and is nothing to be concerned about.

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