What is a Cervical Orgasm?

Cervical orgasms are less well known than clitoral orgasms, but they can be equally as intense and satisfying. They require deep penetration from a partner or a dildo, and they can also feel like your whole body and heart opening up at once.

If you want to reach a cervical orgasm, make sure you’re lubed up and that your pelvic floor muscles are relaxed. And it’s important to communicate with your partner about any hesitation or blocks that may come up.

What is a cervical orgasm?

Cervical orgasms occur when you stimulate the cervix, the ring of tissue that separates the uterus from the vagina. This stimulation can come from a sex toy, your finger or a strap-on. It can also happen during rough sex or deep penetration. Some people describe cervical orgasms as fully-body sensations that radiate down to their fingertips and toenails. They can last for a long time, too.

It’s important to note that cervical orgasms require a certain amount of trust and vulnerability. If you’re feeling rushed or closed off emotionally, they won’t come. The cervix is the ultimate truth-telling barometer; it knows when you’re feeling emotionally vulnerable and will respond accordingly. This is why cervical orgasms can be so arousing, especially when you’re ovulating.

To get a cervical orgasm, you need to push and rub against your cervix. You’ll want to use a sex toy that can reach your cervix, such as a cockstrip or a dildo. You’ll also need to be willing to allow yourself to be penetrated. If you’re not ready for this level of intimacy, you might want to try a different method of stimulation until you feel ready for it.

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How do I have a cervical orgasm?

For the most part, cervical orgasms are triggered by deep penetration (although there is some research suggesting that stimulation of the clitus can lead to orgasms as well). You’ll want to make sure your body is fully arouse and you have plenty of lubrication. The cervix is a sensitive area that’s prone to cramping, so it’s important to start slowly and increase the intensity as you go.

It’s also important to know that cervical orgasms can feel different for each person. Many women describe it as a full-body experience that goes from the pelvis to the abdomen and even to the hair and nails. It’s often reported to feel like a shower of stars. It’s the kind of orgasm that feels amazing physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The cervix is the gateway to your womb and is affected by pregnancy, birth, arousal, sex and more. It’s a complex area that can take a while to awaken and explore. For the most effective results, lubricate well and use a sex toy that allows you to sway, rotate and rock. You may want to try a missionary, doggy or cowgirl position. Also, it’s important to be free of tension, whether physical or emotional. Any unresolved emotions or resentments can prevent you from opening up and reaching your pleasure-spot.

What is the best sex position to have a cervical orgasm?

While the sensations of a cervical orgasm are intense, they can also be painful for some women. That’s why, as with all types of orgasms, you should take it slow and be cautious when attempting this type of stimulation. It’s a good idea to warm up with easier sexual pleasure, like external clitoral glans stimulation, before attempting cervical penetration, says Ross. Some sex positions, such as missionary, doggy style and cowgirl, allow for deeper penetration and are better for cervical orgasms, according to experts.

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Cervical orgasms are most likely to occur during penetrative sex, but they can be triggered by other stimulation, too, including the use of a clitoral hood and stroking. They aren’t likely to happen during casual sex or when you’re feeling distant from your partner, so it’s important to be open and willing to go deep.

Cervical orgasms aren’t easy to get, but they can be more common if you and your partner are comfortable with deep vaginal penetration. It’s also helpful to know that cervical orgasms are more likely to occur during ovulation and the days leading up to it, when the cervix is at its most relaxed. It’s a great idea to experiment with a variety of techniques and to remember that orgasms take time to cultivate. It’s always a journey, not a destination.

How do I know if I’m having a cervical orgasm?

The cervix is the gateway to the uterus and sits in the back of the vagina. It is very hard to stimulate with fingers and is best reached through deep penetration from a penis or sex toy that rubs or pushes up against the cervix. It is a very sensitive spot that can cause a lot of pleasure. Some women report that a cervical orgasm is one of their most intense pleasure experiences.

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Self-reported orgasms from the cervix have been described as waves of sensation that can feel like a shower of stars, as well as a deep full body experience. Unlike clitoral orgasms that have a quick rise and fall, cervical orgasms can last for hours.

As with all sexual pleasure, it is important to experiment and learn what works for you. Not all women will experience a cervical orgasm and that is okay. It is also important to make sure your partner knows that you are interested in cervical stimulation and is comfortable doing it. It is helpful to start with a slow approach and slowly build up to a deeper penetration. This allows your cervix to get familiar with the sensations of touch and is less likely to become bruised or sore.

Using a lubricant to prevent friction and tearing during penetrative sex is crucial for many women. It is recommended to use a high-quality lubricant such as Kissene or XSensual. It is important to remember that cervical pleasure can be very intense and should be approached with care, especially when first starting out.

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