How to Have a Cervical Orgasm

A cervical orgasm is a powerful experience that can unlock new oceans of pleasure. As you explore this sensation, remember to prioritize safety and respect — and enjoy the journey!

Start by stimulating the vagina with fluid provoking foreplay. This can include tantalizing kisses and whole body touch. Make sure to use plenty of lube.

1. Know Your Anatomy

The cervix is a magical gateway to the womb and holds a wealth of pleasure potential. But because many of us are used to triggering orgasms through clitoral stimulation, cervical stimulation can feel different, and it may take time to become pleasurable.

The key to a successful exploration of the cervix is knowing your anatomy. It’s also important to communicate with your partner and prioritize consent and comfort.

It can be helpful to try different techniques and positions, like sexy doggy style or missionary with legs on shoulders, to see what feels best for your body. However, don’t get too caught up on an end goal. It takes time to break old patterns and learn how to play with the cervix, and the journey can be as enjoyable as reaching the blissful orgasm itself.

2. Be Patient

Cervical orgasms are not easy to reach and require a lot of patience. The cervix opening is only slightly larger than a finger width, so getting there is going to require a deep penetration (from your partner or a clitoral glans toy) and a slow approach.

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Start with foreplay, like doggy style, to build the erogenous zone and ease into deep penetration when you are ready. Remember to breathe deeply, focusing on the sensations of your body and relaxing into the experience.

It is also important to communicate with your partner about what feels good, what doesn’t, and what your comfort level is with cervical play. This is a very personal experience that can vary greatly from person to person, so always prioritize your own pleasure and safety over any expectations or pressures from others.

3. Communicate With Your Partner

Whether you’re exploring cervical pleasure with a partner or on your own, it’s important to communicate openly and prioritize consent during any sexual activity. This is especially true for cervix orgasms, which involve deeper penetration than other types of sexual pleasure.

It can take time for the cervix to warm up and become receptive to deep penetration. Be patient, and don’t push it. Instead, focus on other erotic pleasures like tantalizing whole body touches and kissing.

And don’t forget that cervix orgasms can feel different for everyone. It might be painful or uncomfortable for some, and that’s completely normal and okay. The key is to listen to your own body, and don’t compare yourself to others. Drop expectations, and you’ll likely find that the journey to a cervical orgasm is just as enjoyable as reaching one.

4. Get Turned On

Cervical stimulation can be a great orgasm on its own, but it also works well in combination with other pleasures such as clitoral and vulva. The key is to take your time and go slow, ensuring that you are aroused and comfortable before attempting anything else.

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Some people find that they can only have cervical orgasms during certain times of the month, such as during ovulation or about two weeks before their periods begin. This is a good time to experiment, but remember to communicate openly with your partner and prioritize safety throughout the experience.

Start with foreplay, like sexy kisses or tantalizing whole body touch. Then, work up to sex positions like doggie style and missionary. When you are ready for deep penetration, use plenty of lubrication to avoid irritation or pain.

5. Lube Up

As with any genital area, a good lubricant is essential for a pleasurable experience. However, if you are seeking cervical orgasms, it is important to use a high-quality, natural-smelling lube that will create a slippery feel when applied.

Unlike clitoral orgasms, cervical pleasure requires direct contact with your cervix, explains O’Reilly. Stimulating the cervix can bring a rush of sensation that lights up other areas of your body, like your clitoral bulbs.

It’s best to explore a cervical orgasm only once you are relaxed, aroused and comfortable in sex positions such as missionary, doggy style, and cowgirl. The cervix is narrow and may be painful when something first touches it, so it’s important to go slow and go through arousal stages before attempting deep penetration.

6. Go Slow

The cervix is the gateway to the womb, and it’s a great place for orgasms. It’s also an area that requires deeper penetration (from a partner or a toy) than many of us are used to.

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Stimulating the cervix can feel great, but it’s important to start slow and wait for full arousal before attempting anything else. “You want to be ready for what’s next, which can include things like deep penetration,” says OB-GYN Sherry Ross. Try a variety of positions, including rhythmic intercourse and positions that allow for deeper penetration, such as missionary and doggy style.

Not everyone can have a cervical orgasm, but that’s okay! Pleasure varies from person to person, and it’s important to prioritize comfort and communication. Remember to communicate your needs and preferences with your partner, and don’t be afraid to explore new types of pleasure.

7. Relax

The key to having a cervical orgasm is being relaxed. Any tension can hinder pleasure, so it’s important to be calm and comfortable before exploring this area. For some, this may mean taking it slow and doing a lot of foreplay first.

This type of pleasure can feel different from clitoral orgasms, as it often feels like a deep pulsing sensation that spreads around the entire body. Some people even describe it as a full-body orgasm.

It might take some experimenting to figure out what positions and toys will hit the spot, but that’s okay! We are all unique, and it’s important to honor what your body is telling you.

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