What Country Has the Biggest Boobs?

You’ve probably wondered what country has the biggest boobs. Now you can find out, thanks to a research team that ranked average bra cup sizes across the world.

According to their findings, women in the United States boast the most impressive assets – with their boobs averaging at C-cup size. Britain comes in second, while Norway and Iceland also make the list.

United States

Women in America are blessed with some of the biggest natural boobs in the world according to new research, which ranked the bust size of 104 countries. Researchers looked at 400,000 women from 108 countries to work out the average breast size. They excluded those who had implants, were pregnant or breastfeeding.

It’s worth noting that the results of the study will vary, since breast size is affected by a number of factors. The US’s top spot was likely thanks to the fact it has a higher proportion of fat in the body, which can increase cup size. Russia, Germany and Iceland rounded out the top five. Women in these countries averaged a D or above. Other countries including Australia, Canada, Colombia and Venezuela averaged a B or C.


When it comes to boobs, the ladies of the United Kingdom have a lot to be proud about. According to recent research, the country ranks sixth in the world when it comes to breast size. The lovely women of the UK boast C-cup sized assets on average.

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The UK is followed by countries like Iceland, Finland and Russia who are home to some of the biggest boobs in the world. The women of these nations have on average a D-cup or bigger. Meanwhile, the women of Australia, New Zealand and France have B-cup sized boobs on average. This information was gathered by Target Map, and it was quite surprising.


Women in Germany are known for their boobs, with their breasts measuring on average a D cup. They are followed by Iceland, Norway and Sweden. While in the United States and Britain, women are said to measure a C cup on average.

China women, however, are the world’s smallest boobs. According to a map of the world’s cup sizes, Chinese women have a petite A-cup size on average.

Other countries in Asia are small as well, with women in Vietnam and Japan having a petite A-cup on average. While women in Russia and Iceland have a much bigger bust, with their boobs measuring on average a D cup. In South America, women in Argentina and Venezuela have large boobs too. Women in Australia, Switzerland, Bosnia and Canada also have a B-cup on average.

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Women in France, Finland, Norway and Sweden have breasts that on average are bigger than a D cup. The US, Germany, Iceland and Venezuela also have women with big boobs. However, Brazil, Colombia, Australia, Georgia and Canada have a lot of petite busts.

Meanwhile, women from China have some of the smallest boobs in the world. These women measure on average a petite A Cup. It’s not known if this figure includes women with implants or not. The map was compiled by Target Map and is based on data from more than 400,000 women in 142 countries. The data was collected over a 12-year period. The results were published in the journal Female Health Sciences.


Women in Norway have some of the biggest boobs in the world, according to new data. A map showing differing breast sizes from country to country has revealed some surprises. The top five countries for bust size were Finland, Norway, Russia and Sweden. On average, women in these countries have a D cup or bigger. While women in the UK, Central Europe and US have an A or B cup on average.

The map was compiled by Target Map and showed how breast sizes differ from country to country. It also revealed how the average cup size varies depending on body fat. The bigger the a woman’s overall body fat, the larger her boobs are likely to be. The data was based on surveys of women’s bra sizes.

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Women in Sweden, Finland, Russia and Norway have the biggest busts in the world according to data from Target Map. They average a C cup or bigger. This may be because the nation has a low BMI, which can often lead to a larger cup size.

The UK is not far behind with an average B cup. The average size for women in Africa or Asia is a smaller A cup. While those in Central Europe, America and Northern South America are a C or a D on average. This is mainly because of the amount of fat in their bodies. It is important to keep in mind that the size of a woman’s breasts depends on a lot of different factors including genetics and diet.

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