Why Are My Boobs Pointy?

Everyone’s breasts have a unique appearance that develops differently. If your breasts look pointed or narrow instead of rounded with puffy nipples, you might have a condition known as tubular breasts.

Women with pointy boobs may experience poor self-image, intimacy issues and difficulty with certain types of clothing. However, a board certified plastic surgeon can provide a permanent solution with cosmetic breast enhancement procedures.


Puberty is the start of a girl’s teen years and can be confusing. Many girls have mixed feelings about their changing bodies. It’s important to talk with a trusted adult — like a parent or teacher — about what is happening. It’s also a good idea to learn more about the body changes that are normal during puberty.

During puberty, a girl’s body begins to develop fatty breast tissue, which causes the nipples and areola to change shape and grow bigger. During this time, it’s common for girls to experience pain and tenderness in the breast area. A girl’s breasts may also become asymmetrical, and one may be larger than the other. In addition to the changes in the breasts, a girl’s pubic hairs will grow thicker and darker, and she may begin to have clear or white vaginal discharge.

Puberty can also cause a girl to get her first period, usually between the ages of 12 and 14. It’s important to talk with a parent or teacher about this so they can explain how to use a tampon correctly. It’s also a good time to learn more about what happens during a menstrual cycle, including how hormones affect emotions and mood swings. A girl may also notice that her hips are getting wider and that her body has more curves.

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Breast augmentation

Women who were born with small breasts or lose their breast size during pregnancy or breastfeeding often feel dissatisfied with their appearance. Many women turn to push-up bras and other tricks to give them more cleavage but these only provide a temporary solution. If you want a long-term change in the way your breasts look and feel, consider breast augmentation. Breast implants can create a curvier silhouette and boost your self-confidence. They can also help you feel comfortable with a variety of necklines and clothing styles.

During the initial recovery from breast augmentation, you might have pointy breasts as your tissues adjust to the new shape. This is normal and will improve over time. If your boobs remain pointy after the initial recovery, it may be due to capsular contracture. This complication occurs when scar tissue tightens around the implant and causes it to feel misshapen.

During your consultation, we will discuss your goals for surgery and determine the best options to achieve those objectives. Depending on your desired aesthetic and the size of your implant, your surgeon can recommend a shape that is natural-looking and will fit well with your frame and proportions.

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Breast reduction

Many women feel uncomfortable with their breasts as they develop. Most want to have perfectly round, full breasts that define their bust. A cosmetic breast surgery procedure known as a reduction mammoplasty can make a dramatic difference in the shape of your boobs.

The surgery involves removing the excess fat and tissue from your breasts. It is also possible to reshape the upper pole of your breasts (the area of the nipples), if necessary. This makes your nipples look narrower and less pointed. The procedure can also help to improve your breast symmetry and reduce sagging.

It’s normal for a woman’s breasts to change shape as they age, but it’s not usually tied to any medical condition. This change is often caused by hormonal fluctuations, weight fluctuations and gravity.

Having pointy boobs can be a source of embarrassment for some women, especially when they’re in public. They can also affect a woman’s quality of life, such as having difficulty in establishing relationships. It can even be difficult to find clothing that fits properly. In addition, pointy boobs can cause back and neck pain. Breast reduction can alleviate these problems by reducing the size and weight of your large, heavy breasts. This can improve your quality of life and relieve any stress or anxiety you may be feeling.

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Breast lift

Breast development is very individual and every woman’s breasts develop differently. Some women are not satisfied with their shape as they mature and opt for a cosmetic breast surgery procedure to achieve their desired breast size, shape, and position.

Some women have a condition known as tubular breasts where the base of the breast mound is constricted and they look pointed or narrow in appearance. They also tend to have puffy or droopy looking nipples which are out of balance with the breast mound, and minimal upper pole (top cleavage) tissue. This can cause a poor self-image, difficulty becoming intimate, and other emotional problems in women. A board certified plastic surgeon can correct this through advanced breast enhancement procedures. This procedure is often performed alongside a lift to give the best results.

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