What Are Sticky Boobs?

Sticky bras are the ultimate fashion savior for plunging silhouettes and strapless dresses. They’re also super discreet and provide more support than going braless.

Cosmo staffers tested out a bunch of different types of sticky bras and even did a day-and-night test. Their favorites included this rounded stick-on bra with center lace-up tabs for a cleave.

They’re a fashion staple

When you want to rock a backless dress or high-neck top without the risk of your strapless bra falling off, stick on boobs are an easy fix. These adhesive undergarments rein in your girls for a seamless look and are a must-have when it comes to strutting your stuff in TikTok videos or showcasing that summery, strapless dress at a party.

But finding the best sticky boobs that actually stay in place can be challenging. “You have to make sure that you clean them properly and don’t leave them in a dusty area, which can cause them to lose their stickiness,” says stylist and blogger Angela Angeles. And you also need to pay attention to your boob size, as the shape and thickness of each person’s breasts can impact how well the product adheres and stays put.

To test out these must-have items, Cosmo editors self-identified their chest sizes and each tried on around four different styles of sticky bras. They wore each of the options for a night or day (if possible) and retested them for slippage and comfort. If they failed the test, they were replaced with another style until they found one that stuck—and stayed—put.

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For those with fuller chests, try Fashion Forms’ Silicone Lift Bra, which features underwired and backless silicone cups that provide a subtle lift and cinch in the middle. It also offers a bandeau style that can help enhance cleavage under backless and plunging necklines – This section is the work of the portal’s author https://xxxteenssex.com.

They’re a lifesaver

When you’re rocking a strapless dress or backless top, and your bra starts to slide, a stick-on is your wardrobe savior. More discreet than a strapless bra and more supportive than going braless, the right adhesive can keep you sexy all night long without showing any signs of slipping.

One that’s been getting lots of buzz on TikTok is the Gatherall Bra. The viral bra has a ring of silicone around the bottom of each cup that lifts and supports your chest while you’re wearing backless or strapless outfits. It’s available in three colors to match your style and in sizes A-DD.

Another great option is the Loxoto Push-Up Sticky Bra, which features a minimal design that has an allover silicone construction. It’s a favorite of Cosmo staffers and has tons of rave reviews. If you’re not a fan of the blush shade and tabs, shop this backless sticky bra that has transparent wings.

Stylists and Cosmo editors love these backless sticky bras for their invisible appearance and sweat-resistant adhesive. They work just as well during a workout as they do when you’re at a special event. If you’re sweating too much to keep your bra in place, try applying a light layer of body lotion to the inside of your cups before you put it on. This will help the adhesive hold up longer and make it more comfortable to wear.

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They’re a must-have

If you’re a girl who loves wearing strapless dresses or tops with plunging necklines, then you’ll want to make sure that you have sticky bras on hand. These invisible boob covers are discreet, more comfortable than strapless bras and better than going braless. They also help lift and support the chest so that you can feel confident in daring silhouettes.

TikTok users have been raving about the Gatherall bra, which has gone viral for its ability to lift and support the chest for all day wear. The bra is hand-washable, air-dries quickly and can be re-used many times over if properly cared for and stored. It’s important to store the bra away from heat sources and other sharp objects that may damage or snag the adhesive on the cups. It’s also recommended to store the bra in its original packaging or a zipper pouch until you need it again.

Cosmo staffers tested various adhesive bras, including a model with tabs on the sides and center, to see which ones worked best for their chest sizes. They put each one to the test for a full day and night, only taking it off if it was too difficult to figure out, caused skin irritation or fell off. Some of their favorites included this Nubra boob cover that Tunnell calls “the gold standard” and this backless silicone style that both Shapoff and Tobey Grumet recommend.

They’re a fashion faux pas

If you’ve nailed the look of a backless dress, but still struggle with bra straps peeking through the cutout back of your gown, there’s an easy solution. Sticky boobs—strapless bras with adhesive inside the cups—are your backless-dress secret weapon. They’re more discreet than a strapless bra and more supportive than going braless.

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According to the brand, its unique medical-grade, hypoallergenic adhesive uses body heat to get stronger the more you wear it. That means it’s sweat-proof, dance-proof and can even be worn while swimming. It’s also thin and lightweight, so it stays flush with your skin. Plus, it’s reusable and won’t leave behind any residue.

Stylists like Lai say you should avoid thick or heavy fabrics because they’ll drag down your breasts and wreak havoc on your look. She recommends a light silk or polyester fabric. She also says to skip lotions or other creams that can cause the adhesive to come off your sticky boobs.

Cosmo staffers tried a handful of stick-ons, rating each one on ease of use and whether it held up to a night or day’s worth of wear. The winner was a backless, lace-up style with silicone cups and center lace-up tabs. It works best with a V-neck, scoop neck or plunge and offers more support and cleavage-boosting than other backless options do. It’s available in sizes A to DD and has a blush shade that blends with any outfit.

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