How to Tape Boobs For Strapless Dresses

If you’re wearing a strapless dress, you want to make sure your breasts are supported. Boob tape is a great option for this.

This method applies 2-4 long strips of tape horizontally underneath your breasts, going from one armpit to the other. It works well for most outfits, including backless and tube tops.

Choose the Right Tape

Boob tape is great for a cleavage boost and for providing support where needed. It can also help with shape, structure and roundness if used correctly. It can be an alternative to a bra in a strapless dress, halter top or plunging neckline and can give you that Kardashian-stylist-level lift without showing anything too much.

While there are many DIY options out there, it’s important to invest in quality boob tape that’s sweat-resistant and comfortable. Often, these types of tapes are designed specifically for shaping and lifting and can provide more coverage than other DIY solutions.

To find out which type of boob tape is right for you, begin by measuring the width of your chest. This will give you an idea of how wide your strips should be and how long to cut them.

It’s also helpful to use a product that has a primer or adhesive spray to prep your skin before applying it, as this will improve the adhesion and longevity of your tape. The spray or primer can also be used on other areas of your body, such as your arms or shoulders, for added protection against the sagging effect that occurs with some fabrics.

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Finally, test out the tape before wearing your dress or top. Jump up and down, move around and check the look in a mirror to ensure it is staying put, and add more tape for better support if necessary.

Measure Your Breasts

Take off your shirt and measure around your rib cage at the widest part of your bust with a soft tape measure, keeping it snug but not tight. When you’ve got the number, round up to the nearest even whole number and enter it into a bra size chart.

Next, remove your bra and measure around the fullest part of your chest again, this time at nipple level. Again, the tape should be loose but not tight. This measurement will become your bust size. Finally, subtract your band size from your bust measurement to get your cup size. Every inch difference is a cup size up – if the difference is one your cup size is A, two is B and so on.

For a low-cut or plunge neckline, you’ll need to apply some vertical strips of boob tape, going upward from the base of your breast to just above your collar bone. This will push your boobs inward for cleavage and provide support where you need it for the neckline of your dress. Depending on the type of boob taping you’re doing, you may need to add a few more strips horizontally across your chest from left to right to provide additional lift. This will vary from situation to situation so it’s best to experiment and find what works best for you!

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Cut the Tape

Even if you’re a bra lover, sometimes strapless or plunging dresses can make it challenging to show off your boobs and cleavage. Boob tape is a quick and easy solution to this problem, giving you lift, support, and confidence.

Boob tape is similar to gaffer tape, but it’s made specifically for breasts. It comes in a roll and is available in different lengths depending on your bust size. Choose the best length for you and cut a strip that’s about 12-inches long or slightly longer than your chest’s width.

Place the first piece of boob tape at the side and base of one breast, making sure to avoid any sensitive areas like the armpit or nipple. While leaning forward, wrap the tape around your breasts and pull upwards to create a push-up effect. Repeat this process on the other side of your chest.

For extra support, add another strip of boob tape horizontally across your chest, pulling inward to give you a balconette shape. When you’re done, trim the ends of the tape so they don’t show under your dress. This way, you’ll have a gorgeous dress and amazing cleavage without having to worry about the bra peeking through.

Apply the Tape

Using the right technique for applying fashion tape will make the difference between your dress sagging by the last dance and it staying perfectly in place all night long. The wrong approach could leave you with boob tape that is too tight for comfort or too loose to provide the support your breasts need.

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Start by cleansing the area where you’ll be taping. This ensures the tape sticks to the skin and keeps your breasts feeling smooth and comfortable. It’s also important to avoid lotions or sunscreens before application, as they can cause the tape to stick less well.

Cut a strip of tape that’s at least as wide as your bra band. Starting at the base of one breast, apply the tape horizontally across your chest, covering the area where your strapless bra would normally hit. Then, begin stretching the tape to lift and shape your bust, creating the cleavage you want.

Continue with the same process for the other breast. Then, for more support, use a few strips of tape vertically going upward on your chest (depending on the style of your dress). Check in a mirror to see how it looks. For more support with a plunging neckline, try using two strips of tape in a triangle shape under each breast. Finally, test your tape by jumping up and down and moving your arms around to see how it holds up in different conditions.

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