How to Play With Boobs

Nipples and the chest are loaded with nerve endings that many people find pleasurable, but these are often overlooked. If you want to arouse your partner more during sex, here are some tips for playing with boobs.

The areola or area encircling the nipple is more sensitive than the nipples themselves, so have your partner gently stroke the area to build up anticipation and excitement – This section was sourced from the website’s specialists They can also use nipple suckers for added sensations.

1. Nipple clamps

Whether you’re playing with your own boobs or a partner’s, breast play is an intensely pleasurable way to get to know your body. It can feel great to lick, stroke, tickle, poke and kiss them, and can be a great starting point for other sexual sensations. Nipple clamps can really ramp up the sexiness, as they increase sensitivity by temporarily limiting blood flow to your nipples.

The type of clamp you choose will depend on how intense you want the experience to be, but we recommend starting off with a simple, straightforward nipple clip. If you’re comfortable, try putting it on your nipples and then adjusting it to tighten or loosen for different feelings. The key is to never let the clamp cross that line between pleasurable pressure and straight up pain, says Dr. Queen.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, try adding a vibrator or other toys to your nipple play session. Many people feel tingling or pleasurable sensations in their genitals when they play with their nipples, and a small percentage of women can actually achieve nipple orgasms. The best part about this type of exploration is that it can be done solo, as a form of masturbation and self-exploration. Try experimenting with your nipples, lips and teeth to find what feels good to you, then try out a variety of nipple clamps or clips that replicate those sensations.

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2. Breath play

Breath play is an umbrella term for activities that restrict oxygen intake to increase arousal, and it’s becoming increasingly mainstream. While it may seem risky, this can be a rewarding experience for couples who can clearly communicate and practice proper techniques. This is an activity that should be tried only with a partner you trust, and even then, only after both of you have educated yourself about the technique and its risks. It is also important to talk with a sex therapist before trying breath play.

Whether as foreplay or the main event, there is something delicious about stimulating boobs. The chest and nipples are extremely nerve-rich, and there is no shortage of ways to pleasure them. While a shockingly low amount of research exists on breast-related sexual desire (let’s change that), there is enough to know that many women and female-bodied people enjoy breast and nipple play, especially during sex.

For a little extra zing, try applying some lube to the chest and blowing on it. You can also lick and suck, but be careful not to overdo it; the breasts are made of tender tissue and need to be cared for. Adding a bit of temperature play can be a great addition, too. Davies says that running fingers across the nipples, areolas and curves is a great way to play with boobs.

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3. Vibes

Whether it’s part of your regular masturbation routine or just a consensual tweak during the evening, breast play can be incredibly titillating. After all, they’re the most sensitive erogenous zones in the body. So, what are the best ways to tickle boobs for a boost of pleasure?

Aside from nipple play, which requires a lot of care and attention due to the delicate nipples’ location, there are many other techniques that can make foreplay and masturbation even more intimate. “If you’re not a nipple lover, you can still pleasure the nipples and all the surrounding skin by stroking, licking, and flipping,” says sexologist Shamyra Howard.

She recommends gently rubbing the areolas, as well as exploring the texture of the outer edges of the nipple. You can also experiment with light nibbling, which is especially effective for larger nipples because it arouses the surrounding tissue rather than just the nipple itself.

Another great idea is to tease your partner’s nipples by playing with them while they’re wearing their bra. You can rub them over their shirt, or you can slip your fingers between the fabric of their bra to graze the areas that their shirt doesn’t cover. You could also try a technique called scissoring, which involves your partner making a V shape with their hands around the nipples and gently sliding them back and forth.

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4. Nipple suckers

While the penis is often a star of the show when it comes to sexual pleasure, we can all agree that breasts are pretty damn amazing, too. Whether it’s touching, licking, sucking or using a nipple-centric sex toy (they exist, by the way), breast play can feel incredibly satisfying for many people. In fact, according to one study (that is shockingly low on nipple-related research, let’s do better, scientists), 81.5 percent of women in the survey experienced enhanced sexual arousal from nipple and chest play.

If you’re ready to take your nipple play to the next level, try out a pair of nipple suckers to create a gentle vacuum on the nipples that’s oh-so pleasurable. You can find them at most craft stores or online. Be sure to talk to your partner about what feels right and don’t go too hard—a lot of people have tender nipples, so you want to be careful not to bruise them.

Similarly, you can use a vibe on the nipples to create a more arousing sensation. This might be more painful than a nipple clamp or sucker, so it’s important to play around with different amounts of pressure and intensity. Pay attention to your partner’s body language and if they lean into a certain amount of pressure or moan when you pinch them a little harder, keep doing it.

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