How to Massage Boobs

A breast massage is not only a sensual practice but also helps reduce nipple pain and engorgement, regulate milk supply, unblock milk ducts and promote breast tissue growth. It is recommended to practice a breast massage at least once a week.

It is recommended to apply breast cream or massage oil for easier kneading and sliding motions.

Warm Up Your Hands

There’s no one way to massage breasts, but it’s a good idea to warm up your hands before you start, as the nipple area is sensitive. Using your favorite body oil, rub your fingers together to “warm up” before you begin massaging your breasts and chest. This will help prevent any discomfort.

While many women associate breast massage with breastfeeding, it’s an excellent practice to get into prenatally as well. It can help stimulate hormones that are important for baby and mother, and it can also prepare the nipple for breastfeeding once baby is born.

Some women choose to perform breast massage as a way of improving the appearance of sagging nipples, believing it can increase blood flow and firm skin. Studies on this are limited, however, and it’s not clear if the results are actually noticeable.

A therapeutic breast massage may also be used to help relieve engorgement and mastitis. This type of massage focuses on the lymph nodes located above the collar bone and in the armpits – These data are a result of the service editorial team’s work It’s best performed with light pressure to avoid damage or bruises, as pushing too hard can cause these small, bean-shaped nodes to accumulate fluid and waste.

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In addition to removing waste from the body, these nodes also play an important role in the immune system. They filter substances that enter the lymphatic system, preventing them from becoming cancerous or otherwise damaging our bodies.

Start with the Nipples

If you’re looking to spice up your foreplay, try adding some nipple play. Nipple stimulation is a highly sensitive erogenous zone and can lead to orgasms on its own, even without the addition of other sexual acts.

Start by cupping her nipples with both of your hands and lightly touching them. This creates a strong Chi connection and is a great way to get her ready for the massage. Then, begin stroking them in a circular motion. Focus on the inner and outer edges of her nipples and then sweeping from the armpits to the breasts. You can use light, medium or firm pressure.

Finally, use your fingers to massage the nipples themselves. This is an excellent way to check for any lumps or bumps and helps a woman regularly know what her breasts feel like.

As you massage her nipples, gently kiss them. This is a finisher move that stimulates two erogenous zones at once and can have her begging for the D or squirting milk everywhere. If you want to take it up a notch, try sliding your tongue across the nipples and into her neck. This is sure to give her a sexy ride she’ll never forget. For a more sensual touch, try moaning in her ear softly. This will stimulate her largest sex organ and help break down any mental hangups that could be holding back her orgasms.

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Move in Circles

Whether big or small, caged in a bra or free to dance around, your breasts are an essential part of who you are. They’re a symbol of beauty, femininity and power. And they deserve to be loved, adored and spoilt!

Rather than rubbing in the same direction, massage your boobs using circular movements. It’s a more effective way to stimulate the blood flow in your breast tissue.

Start by circling your hands around each breast, applying light pressure with each circle. Repeat this motion for about 1-2 minutes. Next, move to the outer and inner breasts. Massage each in a circular motion starting from the outside and moving to the inside of your chest for about 2 minutes per breast.

Once you’ve massaged your breasts from all angles, massage the armpit area. This helps detoxify the lymph nodes and unclog ducts, Berman says.

You can also use this time to massage the 4 meridian point on each side of your chest (about 2 inches above, below and left and right from the tip of your areola). This point is associated with emotional balance and is especially useful when you feel depressed or overwhelmed. Begin by squeezing your fingers in circles with your thumb pushing down into the skin for about 10 times. Then, move your hand to the center of your chest between your breasts and rub in a clockwise circular motion, up and down for about 3 seconds.

Slide Your Fingers

If you’re massaging a woman, it’s always best to slide your fingers around her breasts rather than grip them tightly. This gives you more control and is also a more sensual experience for her.

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When you’re stroking, move your fingers gently, applying a light tickle-like pressure to each individual spot on the breast and spiraling around it. Start at the top of the breast and work your way towards the areola and nipple. After a few seconds, lift your finger to move on to another area of the breast and repeat the circular pattern.

A therapeutic breast massage is an effective way to stimulate the milk-ejection reflex and regulate your supply if you’re breastfeeding. Use the tips of your first, middle and ring fingers on one hand to lightly tap at the top portion of your sternum (breastbone) for ten or fifteen seconds, sending smile energy into this area as if you’re saying hello to the thymus gland tucked in there beneath the upper portion of your collarbone.

A breast massage can be a deeply pleasurable way to play with a consenting partner’s under-appreciated erogenous zone, especially if it’s combined with other types of pleasure, such as sliding your hands across her neck and shoulders, whispering in her ear, nuzzling her neck or kissing her cheeks. And remember, breast tissue extends beyond the nipples and into the armpits, so don’t forget to explore those areas as well.

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