How to Kiss Boobs in a Sensual Way

When kissing her, move your lips around her neck and earlobes. This is sensitive and arousing for most girls.

If things are going well, it might be time to move your hand up her back and rest it on her bare breasts. But be careful not to go too far! Grabbing is never okay, and touching without her consent can make her uncomfortable.

1. Start with her lips

When kissing a girl, try to touch her breasts at the same time. This will give her the idea that you’re thinking about her more intimately.

The first time you touch her breasts, just put your hand under her tee shirt and move it slowly up towards her chest. Let her get used to the sensation before you move further. Don’t rush this, as you could make her uncomfortable.

Once she’s comfortable with you touching her breasts, lightly kiss them. Then, lick them gently and gradually increase the pressure as she consents. If she likes the licking, you can also use your tongue on her breasts. This is great because it will give her an intense orgasmic experience. You can also try to lick and suck her nipples, which are her most sensitive parts. They’re a direct line to her clitoris, which has over 8000 nerve endings.

2. Move to her nipples

Once your lips are warm and soft, move to her nipples for more pleasure. Gently caress her nipples with your fingers and kiss along the top of each breast. If she is comfortable, lick and suck the area just above her collar bone.

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Nipple play can be intense, especially if you use a vibrator or nipple clamps that pinch and increase blood flow. However, it is important to remember that you should never hurt her. Gently grazing the areolas and lightly biting can be pleasurable, but make sure to gauge her reaction to see if she wants more intensity.

Also, don’t forget the space under and in between her nipples—it’s full of sensitive nerve endings. And be sure to kiss and lick the backs of her breasts, as well. Stimulating all of her erogenous zones will increase her chances for an orgasm.

3. Move to her areola

The darker area that encircles the nipple is called the areola, and it is very sensual to kiss and play with. You can lick it, rub it and even use your tongue to suck on it for an extra turn on. This part of the breast is very sensitive and it changes in sensitivity during arousal. It’s important to experiment with what turns her on in this area to find out what works best.

As you kiss around the outside of her nipples, move your lips toward the center of each nipple and lightly kiss and lick them. Be careful not to press too hard, as this could hurt her. You can also move your lips over the nipples and exhale over them to feel her warm breath on yours. If she jerks or moans, this is a sign she likes this sensation. Repeat this with all her nipples to make her feel your attention.

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4. Move to her neck

A little neck kissing can be a big turn-on and can create an expectation of what’s to come next. The nape of her neck is packed with nerve endings and is highly sensitive.

The neck is a great place to begin playing with a woman’s nipples, especially as she’s warming up to you touching her breasts. Start by lightly licking around her neck and collar bone, then slowly move up to the base of her nipples. Once you’re there, start kissing them softly and then lightly lick and nibble them as well.

Some women enjoy light pinching of their areolas, so you should experiment with it to see if she likes it. If she does, you can then go back down to the nipples and cup each one while kissing them. You can also circle the nipples with slow licks and play with them a bit, but be careful not to get too rough or it may cause her discomfort.

5. Move to her shoulders

Kissing, touching and caressing a woman’s neck and shoulders can be as orgasmic as her boobs. The area has super sensitive nerves that can send orgasms to the rest of her body. However, a small percentage of women don’t like being kissed or touched in this area.

If she’s open to it, you can gently run your hands on her shoulder and nape, and then move them down to her collarbone area. Keep it soft and gradual – you don’t want to be too aggressive at first and scare her off.

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Once you’ve moved your hands up to her neck, try running them down the sides of her torso, then slide one hand under her bra strap and move it slowly over her breast. If she’s okay with this, you can begin to lightly play and pinch the areola. If she wants it rougher, you can start squeezing and stroking the area.

6. Move to her hands

As the kissing gets more passionate, move your hand up her back to her bra strap. Let it rest there for a minute or two. This will allow her to get accustomed to your touch, and you can gauge her reaction to determine whether she wants you to continue touching her in more intimate ways.

As she continues to kiss you, slowly move your hand up her bra to the top strap and slip it down her shoulder. Again, don’t linger.

If she’s comfortable, you can begin to gently and playfully cup her nipple. You can also slowly start squeezing and stroking her nipple and rubbing it against the sides of her neck. As long as you don’t go overboard, breast stimulation can be extremely orgasmic for her. But you should always remember that consent is key, and never grope her or take her by surprise.

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