How to Tell Fake Boobs From Natural Breasts

Many women have breast implants, but not all implant jobs look natural. In fact, some look downright fake!

If her breasts start higher on her chest than around the armpits, they’re probably fake. Real breasts also have a three-inch gap in between, so if hers look too close together they’re probably not real.

1. They’re too round

If a woman’s breasts are incredibly round, they may be fake. Unlike natural breasts, which are fuller on the bottom, implants have an even distribution of silicon or saline from top to bottom that gives them a perfectly round shape. This is especially true of a DD cup or larger.

Similarly, if her breasts look like they’re popping up to the top of her chest—as opposed to a more natural sliding curve—they could be fake. This is a giveaway because real breasts jiggle a bit when she moves her arms or lays back, but implants are firmer and stay in place.

Another telltale sign is if the breasts are too close together. Natural breasts usually have about a two- to three-inch gap between them, but implants narrow the space between them. If the breasts are so close together that they’re touching each other, it’s a safe bet they’re not real.

A Thai model recently posted a video on YouTube showing how she can spot someone with a boob job by shining her cellphone light on her breasts. When the light hits the silicone of the implants, they glow bright orange. The effect is also visible in photographs and other light-sensitive areas such as the armpits or neck. This trick is an easy way for anyone to figure out if a friend or acquaintance has implants.

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2. They’re too high

A woman’s breasts should sit around armpit height, but bad boob jobs can set them too high and make her look like she has two inflatable flotation devices strapped to her chest. Natural breasts have a slope to them; they are fuller at the bottom and get smaller toward the top. When the nipples are pointed upward it may also be a sign of fake breasts.

You can also tell if she has implants if her breasts move up and down with her body when she’s lying down or standing up. Real breasts jiggle slightly but the majority of them is fat, not solid muscle. If she’s got big boobs that stay the same size regardless of what position she is in, it’s probably fake.

Another way to tell if her boobs are fake is if they’re too close together. If her boobs touch each other all the time, they’re probably fake because natural breasts have about three inches of space between them. Also, if she’s wearing a tight bra or something else that’s keeping them in place they’re probably fake. In general, implants feel firmer than real boobs. Some women find this uncomfortable, but others actually enjoy the way their boobs feel with implants. They may even think their boobs feel better than they do without them.

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3. They’re too close together

Real breasts have a little space in between them, especially when they are not wearing a bra. If a woman’s boobs are touching each other in the middle, that’s a big giveaway that she has implants. Another giveaway is when her breasts sit too high on her chest. Typically, natural breasts start right around where your armpits are. A bad boob job will make her breasts sit too high, giving them an unnatural look. Finally, if her nipples are constantly elevated in the stance of a push-up bra, even when she’s not wearing one, that’s also a huge sign that she has fake boobs.

If you notice any of these telltale signs, it’s time to call the doctor! Your girlfriend might have a serious health issue.

4. They’re too wide

The breasts should look fuller on the bottom than the top (thanks to gravity). If her nipples are more rounded than straight, they’re likely fake.

Lastly, fake breasts don’t have the same natural sliding curve line from the top to the bottom like real ones do. Real boobs are mostly fat and can have a jiggle to them, while implants are harder and more like solid muscle.

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If her boobs are set too high on her chest, they’re likely implants. Ideally, the top of her breasts should start at around armpit height. If they’re higher, she probably has a high-profile implant which can look more pronounced than moderate or low profile implants.

Also, her boobs should be two to three inches apart with no touching in the middle unless she’s wearing a tight bra or is naturally very slender. If the nipples are too close together or have a gap that looks too wide, it’s most likely a sign of an overdone augmentation. In addition, if her breasts stay the same size when she bends over or reaches back, they’re probably implants. Natural or not, most women’s breasts move a bit when they’re bending over. A woman with implants will typically have a hard time keeping her breasts in place, which is another giveaway. It’s important to note that not all breast implants are a bad thing. There are many beautiful women who have implants and they look stunning. However, it’s up to the individual to decide if they want to have a boob job or not.

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