Why Are Boobs Attractive to Guys?

There are many things that can turn a man on, but breasts are one of the most obvious. They’re soft, sexy, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

And they jiggle, which is always a plus. So, why do men love boobs so much? There are several theories on why this is the case.

1. They’re aesthetically pleasing

If you’re one of the lucky girls out there who have big boobs, then you know that men love them. It’s almost a guarantee that during any conversation, his eyes will go south of your face to take in your stunning bust. It can be comical and even creepy sometimes. But why are boobs so attractive to guys?

According to anthropologist Owen Lovejoy, breasts are an evolutionary trait that promote pair bonding. In addition to this, he believes that they are an attractive feature because they signal fertility.

Lovejoy’s theory is contradicted by a study published in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. The study analyzed two-dimensional photographs of 25 patients. Participants were diverse in age, sexual orientation, racial, and ethnic background. They were asked to rate the attractiveness of five pairs of breasts. The most appealing boobs were those that had a narrower distance between the nipples, more upper pole fullness, and more of a perk. The study also found that the top two images based on attractiveness were not symmetrical. However, the researchers did note that the results were subjective.

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2. They’re a sign of vitality

Boobs are an indication that you’re a vital and fertile woman. That’s why so many men are turned on by them. Not only that, but they’re also a sign of good health. That’s why it’s important for women to keep their boobs in good shape.

That’s why you should never feel insecure about your breasts, ladies. All women are different and their boobs are a part of what makes them unique. If you have large boobs, be proud of them because they’re a great indicator that you’re healthy and active.

However, if you have small boobs don’t be discouraged because some men really like them too! Some men actually prefer smaller boobs, because they feel that they are more youthful and attractive. In general, men seem to be drawn to C cup-sized boobs. That’s probably because of the fact that they resemble the mammary glands that produce milk in mammals. In other words, boobs are the primary sexual site in humans. They’re also a very sensual site for foreplay. In addition, they release select hormones during breastfeeding that increase bonding and attachment between lovers.

3. They’re a sign of youth

Men love boobs because they’re a sign of youth. It’s a well known fact that most guys are turned on by young women, and the way that a man relates to her breasts says a lot about his relationship with his mother and his desire to become a father. It’s also been said that a man’s preference for large or small breasts may reveal his level of sexual activity.

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This might seem a bit superficial, but there’s really no better explanation for why a straight guy spends so much time fixating on your boobs. He doesn’t have them, so they’re these fascinating, mysterious parts of your body that he can only imagine touching and discovering. And, of course, they look sexy when they move—like when you’re dancing to Beyonce or playing tennis. They make his eyes stray from your face and his mouth start to water. It’s almost comical. It’s this strange, involuntary attraction that makes boobs so alluring.

4. They’re a sign of strength

The breasts—also called the nipples—are one of the most erogenous areas on a woman’s body. This is probably why many women love them so much and why some are willing to have implants. Men are also incredibly attracted to the nipples. When a man feels attracted to a woman, his nipples will harden and he might even get slightly aroused just by thinking about her.

Another reason why boobs are attractive is because they show that you’re healthy. This may sound gross, but men are often attracted to women who have full cleavage because it signals that they’re fertile and can produce offspring.

This may seem like a shallow reason for men to be attracted to boobs, but it makes sense. After all, men don’t have nipples, so boobs are this mysterious part of the female body that they want to explore. Men also tend to like body parts that jiggle, and boobs are definitely the most sexy when they’re moving around, whether it’s while dancing to Beyonce or playing tennis. It’s no wonder that some guys are willing to pay for tickets just to see a woman dance.

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5. They’re a sign of independence

Boobs are the glandula mammalia, fat-filled mammary glands that produce milk, and they are one of the most distinguishing features that set mammals apart from other animals. They are what makes a woman feminine. They are what attracts men to women. They are what makes a girl feel confident and sexy.

Most guys prefer C cup sized breasts, according to studies. And, it has also been found that men are more interested in breasts if they are firmer and less droopy. It is believed that men are drawn to boobs because they remind them of nursing babies and the bonding experience.

If you are a cis, heterosexual girl, you have probably noticed how straight men tend to get fixated on a woman’s boobs. They can’t help but stare at them, and they often lose their train of thought when talking to you. They might even sigh involuntarily. It is not surprising that a woman’s boobs are attractive to them, because they signify their sexual availability to you. And, we all know that sex is the number one turn on for most men.

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