What is Erotic Lactation?

Breast and nipple stimulation is highly erogenous, and it’s not unusual for women to want to suckle their partner. This is called an adult nursing relationship or ANR and can be sexual or nonsexual in nature.

Some men are very turned on by the idea of a nipple dripping with milk. This is known as lactation fetishism and there are many websites and groups dedicated to this pleasure.

Adult Nursing Relationships

Known as adult nursing relationships (ANR), sexy breastfeeding, or erotic lactation, this fetish involves sexual arousal through the breasts. It’s often done as a sexual act between two adults or in a non-sexual context, such as role play or pornography. Those who engage in this type of kink describe it as intimate and incredibly satisfying.

A woman in an ANR will either naturally lactate for her partner or must induce it, usually by sucking on the nipples, massaging them, or using a breast pump. A nipple massage, fenugreek tea, and milk-inducing drugs can also help. Some people even use a nipple ring to increase the intensity of the experience.

The arousal that occurs while breastfeeding can be intense for some, but it’s important to remember that this is a very real and often uncomfortable process. It’s also not the same as the oxytocin produced during arousal and orgasm.

It may be hard to discuss these fantasies with a romantic partner, but it is important to do so. Some couples will start with role play or pornography and then slowly introduce the concept of adult breastfeeding into their relationship. In this way, both parties can be clear about what they want from the experience and avoid misunderstandings and pain. Whether the relationship is sexual or not, the goal should be to establish an environment of mutual pleasure and satisfaction.

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Age Play

Age play is a kink that involves playing as someone of a younger age. It can be completely innocent or sexual and is often a form of power exchange between two consenting adults. Some people enjoy dressing up, acting like a little kid or even disciplining their “younger” partner. Others are drawn to the sensations of diapering, thumb-sucking and dragging a blankie around.

One of the biggest misconceptions about this fetish is that it’s sexual, when in reality, it is quite platonic. Many people who engage in age play love the way it makes them feel cared for, just as they would be by their own parent or sibling. There are also those who want to regress back to childhood and feel a sense of innocence that they rarely have the opportunity to experience as an adult.

Whether the participants are just having fun, or exploring some more kinky explorations, age play is one of the safest kinks to explore with your partner. As with any kink, it’s important to communicate and make sure that everyone is comfortable with what they’re doing before taking things to the next level.

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There are those who prefer to separate sex from their kink and will only ever engage in age play in a non-sexual manner. For those that are curious about trying it out, there are plenty of ways to get started.

Adult Babies

Adult babies are a real thing and while the idea of suckling breast milk in a film is pretty erotic, they generally don’t do it for sexual reasons. Rather, it’s a form of age play where adults dress up as babies and use diapers and other baby-related items to experience pleasure that comes from being a child. Some adult diaper lovers even work in “adult baby nurseries” where they care for other adults who act like children.

This form of fetishism is often referred to as infantilism, although there are some who do not consider it a fetish at all. For these people, it’s more of a lifestyle and they may live as babies, dressing up in diapers, and being suckled and spoon fed by others. They may even have babysitters.

In 2019, TLC UK interviewed an adult who lives as a baby and says she has been doing so for over 25 years. However, most people who live this lifestyle keep it a secret and are known as “adult baby enthusiasts.”


Infantilism is a paraphilia that involves sexual arousal from behaving like, or being treated as an infant or toddler. It may manifest in a variety of ways, including clothing preferences, baby speech patterns or the use of baby items such as pacifiers. In sexual contexts, it can involve a desire to breastfeed or being suckled as an infant, or even having a sex act that simulates breastfeeding. In some cases, infantilism is a form of fetishism or kink.

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In some cases, a person’s sexual infantilism is a consensual part of their relationship with other adults. However, they may be unable to live life on their own, or have difficulty in relationships with adult partners who do not share the same interests. This can cause stress and conflict in their relationships, particularly if they find themselves in situations where they are forced to choose between being an adult and acting as an infant.

Another common form of sexual infantilism is paraphilic lactophilia, also known as adult fetish or erotic lactation. This is a form of age play where people (typically male) derive pleasure from suckling, nursing or having sex with women who are lactating or post-pregnancy. Lactation pornography is available for purchase, and the term “milking sex” is used to describe this type of fetishism in popular media.

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