Natural Ways to Increase Wetness and Libido

Libido can decrease for a variety of reasons, including lack of exercise, stress, and health issues. However, there are natural ways to increase wetness and libido.

For example, women can try sex toys to stimulate the clitoris. They can also linger on foreplay, which can help them get orgasm during sexual intercourse.

1. Exercise

Regular exercise can improve circulation, and good blood flow is key to increased sensation. Plus, aerobic workouts can strengthen core and pelvic floor muscles — which is important for orgasm, arousal and sexual pleasure.

Also, incorporating exercises like Kegels into your daily routine can help to increase orgasm intensity and arousal. Just be sure to consult your health care provider before making any changes to your workout routine. You should also prioritize recovery techniques to avoid over-training. Too much exercise can signal a stress response, which can reduce libido.

2. Drink plenty of water

The body relies on a healthy supply of water to ensure hormone production and to maintain arousal. Dehydration can affect libido and cause other problems such as dry vaginal skin, fatigue and headaches.

A few glasses of water may be all you need to re-ignite that spark between the sheets. If you need an extra boost try incorporating these natural aphrodisiac herbs into your diet: Horny goat weed for a natural nitric oxide booster or maca root for increased blood flow.

The recommended daily amount of water varies, so follow your body and drink as much as you need to feel well. Choose ionised water, such as Kangen Water Legacy, for optimal health and energy.

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3. Eat a healthy diet

A healthy diet is vital for a healthy libido. Eating a wide variety of nutrient-rich foods can help to reduce the symptoms of decreased sexual desire, such as fatigue and poor energy levels.

Try to avoid dairy products and baked goods, which contain saturated fats that block cells, reduce oxygen flow and inhibit sperm production. Replace these with a variety of calcium-rich foods, like leafy greens, beans and cabbage. These also contain magnesium, which promotes arousal and blood flow.

4. Sleep well

A good night’s sleep improves overall mood and energy levels and may boost libido. One study found that women who got more REM sleep reported higher levels of sexual desire the next day.

Try relaxing bedtime rituals, like enjoying a warm bath or listening to soothing music. And try to get seven to eight hours of sleep each night. It’s also important to practice proper hygiene and avoid sex toys that can increase irritation and dryness.

5. Avoid smoking

For women, smoking inhibits libido by blocking blood flow to the reproductive organs, causing vaginal dryness and decreasing orgasm frequency. It can also increase the risk of erectile dysfunction in men by reducing testosterone secretion.

Getting more foreplay or having a discussion with your partner about sexual interests can be good ways to stimulate your natural lubrication. Some people may also find that a supplement like Astroglide can help.

If these tips don’t work, your low libido could be caused by an underlying health issue like thyroid disease, diabetes or depression. Talk to a doctor about these conditions to get diagnosed and treated.

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6. Reduce stress

Stress is a primary cause of decreased libido in women. Getting enough sleep, practicing self-care, chilling out sometimes and (oh, the irony) having sex can help keep hormone levels balanced.

Practicing pelvic floor exercises and incorporating herbs that balance estrogen can also reduce stress, boost libido and help with orgasms.

For women who still struggle, talking to a therapist or sex therapist may be helpful for exploring any underlying psychological reasons they may be experiencing low libido. It is always better to address these issues early on, before they impact sexual desire.

7. Get enough sleep

Many women experience a decreased libido, but this is normal and there are a number of natural ways to support your sex drive. We spoke to three Jean Hailes health experts – a hormone specialist, naturopath and psychologist – for their top tips.

Prioritise sleep: Getting enough shut eye has been shown to increase female libido. Try a relaxing bath, or a candlelit aromatherapy session before bed. Also, consider a calming meditation practice or the mind-body exercise of yoga. Adding Kegel exercises can help improve pelvic muscle strength, and encourage orgasm.

8. Avoid alcohol

While everyone’s libido is different, there are many things that can help to increase it. For example, foreplay is important, and using natural lubricants can make sex more comfortable and enjoyable. In addition, communicating openly with your partner can be a great way to increase desire.

Drinking alcohol can also lower libido, so it’s best to avoid it if possible. However, if you’re craving alcohol, try to limit it to one or two drinks. In addition, avoiding high-sugar drinks can help to keep libido high. Also, drinking a low-sugar beverage such as champagne can boost libido.

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9. Get a good night’s sleep

Achieving a good night’s sleep can help to increase wetness and libido. Get enough sleep, relax and enjoy some self-care to keep your hormones balanced and vaginal lubrication flowing smoothly.

Try a hot bath with scented candles and soothing music or some gentle exercise like yoga or walking. Spending time with your partner, especially foreplay, can also boost libido. Acupuncture and herbal treatments can also be aphrodisiacs. Talk to your health care provider about these options. They can advise you on the best course of treatment to meet your needs.

10. Meditate

Many people don’t associate meditation with libido, but it has been proven to boost pleasure in the bedroom for both women and men. Studies have shown that meditation reduces anxiety and fights depression, both of which can affect libido.

Acupressure, or the practice of inserting thin needles at strategic points on the body, can also be used to cultivate and increase sexual energy. Acupuncture also increases the production of DHEA, which is known to stimulate libido in both men and women.

One specific meditation for sex is called The Loop, which helps delay male orgasm and deepen it when it does occur. [3]

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