Pro Tips on How to Take Erotic Photos

Whether you want to capture a sultry facial expression or show off your boudoir skills, these pro tips will help you feel and look your absolute hottest.

For a fun twist on the classic nude selfie, try lying on your bed and artfully draping a white sheet over your body to showcase a little side cleavage or nipple.


When it comes to erotic photos, the background is just as important as the model. Having a clean background can make or break the photo, and it is especially important for nude photos. Avoid any backgrounds that may give away your location (like a bathroom or bedroom), as well as anything personal that might be revealed by the camera, like your phone number or home address.

Taking the right nude photos doesn’t have to involve hiring a professional photographer. A few DIY tips, a clean background and some experimentation can yield beautiful results. If you’re not comfortable holding the camera yourself, there are inexpensive phone tripods that allow you to take the photo by using a remote that connects via Bluetooth. Also, playing around with angles can reveal overlooked erotic features of your body.


If you’re new to taking nudes, experimenting with different angles can help you discover what positions and poses work best for your body type. Similarly, playing around with lighting can make your photos more or less sexy. Natural light is always better, but if it’s too bright or harsh, try using red light bulbs or a dark filter on your camera to create more moody and sensual photos.

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You should also be mindful of your surroundings when taking your erotic photos. Avoid distracting items in the background, such as a dirty toilet or messy bedroom. And be sure to use a tripod, as this will give your photos more stability. You can even find a selfie stick that connects to your phone via Bluetooth, so you can take photos hands-free.

When it comes to nudes, it’s important to be aware of your audience and how revealing or non-revealing you want your photos to be. If you’re sending your erotic photos to someone in a professional setting, it might be a good idea to blur out any individualizing marks or remove jewelry that might be easily identified. Similarly, if you have any scars or other physical features that might be embarrassing for others to see, consider obscuring them or editing them before sending.

Another great way to tease your viewers is by showing just a bit of skin. For example, showing just your butt or breasts can be more erotic than a full-body shot. Or, you could pose with a sex toy like a lollipop or handcuffs to entice people to want more.


Whether you’re planning to post nude photos of yourself on social media or send them directly to another person, the pose is critical. It can make or break the impact of the photo, and it can also determine how well the image turns on its viewer.

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Consider a variety of poses to get the most out of your nude photos. For example, try a crotch shot from below or a full-body shot while lying down. You can even go so far as to tease a part of your body by positioning yourself with your hand on the edge of a chair, allowing your viewers to imagine their own hands reaching down to pull up your panties or undo your bra straps.

One of the best ways to take sexy selfies is to use a mirror. It allows you to capture an over-the-shoulder or full-body photo and can add a little more mystery by blurring your face. However, if you’re using a mirror for erotic photos, make sure it’s clean so that there are no smudges or dust that might detract from the overall effect of the photo.

A good erotic photo can elicit a lot of emotion, from fear and vulnerability to excitement and desire. In order to achieve this emotional effect, it’s important that you’re comfortable in front of the camera. Practicing your pose and working with a professional photographer are two ways to help you feel confident in your naked self.

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When it comes to nude photos, it’s important to remember that they’re not just about showing off a bit of flesh; they’re about teaseing the body in a sensual way. And that’s especially true when you’re taking erotic photos for someone else.

And if you’re going to be sending them to a romantic partner, it’s best to take extra care that nothing about your appearance is identifying you. That means obscuring or editing out anything unique that can identify you, such as scars, tattoos, and beauty marks or moles, if they’re visible in your photo.

If you’re not quite ready to hire a pro, try doing your own DIY boudoir session. It’s a great way to get comfortable in front of the camera and see what you can do! And don’t forget to make a playlist ahead of time—music can help calm nerves and even encourage you to move more fluidly in front of the camera. Plus, a tripod and remote can make a huge difference in the quality of your shots! Luckily, there are plenty of inexpensive options available today.

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