How to Have Erotic Dreams

Having erotic dreams is a great way to explore your sexual desires, fantasies, and kinks in a safe and private environment. In addition, they can help you lower your stress level and improve your sleep quality.

A study also found that the type of pornography a person watches is usually included in their erotic dreams. For example, if someone watches bondage porn, they will most likely have dreaming about bondage.

Listen to Sexy Audio Stories or Erotic Novels

One of the best ways to get a little kinky in your daily life is to listen to sexy audiobooks. While it might not be as sexy as a good erotic porn movie, an erotic story or novel can give you the same kind of thrills that porn does—plus you don’t have to worry about anyone seeing you listening to it (unless your partner is in the same room, that is).

You can find steamy erotic audiobooks on many popular digital audiobook apps, such as Audible and Scribd. Just search for “erotic” and sort by highly rated to get the hotter ones (or just click here to see some sexy favorites). Or try a podcast that specializes in sex stories, like &Jane, which features female narrators who talk about their deliciously dirty adventures. It also donates to the Woodhull Foundation, a non-profit that fights for women’s rights to equality and safety.

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Another option is Dipsea, which is sometimes called the “Headspace of Erotica.” It’s a mix of professionally produced original audio erotica and free educational content that connects you to your sexuality and desires. Their sexy short stories are often character- and emotion-driven, as well as kinky—perfect for people who prefer a plot with their porn.

Another great sexy audio option is Bawdy Stories, which features true stories of sex, kink, body image, and gender to build community and bring people together. The site’s narrators—including Emily Woo Zeller, Jade A. Waters, and Jack Calihan—are also incredibly sexy.

Practice Sexy Movements

One way to prime your mind for sexy dreams is by physically preparing yourself as if you were going to have sex. You can do this by wearing sexy clothing or going to bed in silky lingerie, which can boost blood flow to the erogenous zones of the body. You can also do sexy movements like those in a sexrcise class to get the heart racing and to practice moves that you might use during sex.

Similarly, you can also prep your mind for sexy dreams by thinking about sex and your fantasies throughout the day. This can be as simple as talking about sex you’ve had, your favorite sex position, or even just a sexual fantasy that you’d like to fulfill.

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It’s important to remember that your sexual dreams don’t always reflect your conscious desires, and they can be influenced by things such as stress or medication. It’s also a good idea to approach your sexy dreaming with a healthy amount of skepticism, as it might not work for you.

However, the more you work on lucid dreaming, the more likely it is that you will have sexy dreams. It takes time to master, but it can be well worth the effort if you’re looking for some extra steamy nights of sleep. Just be sure to follow a boundary-respecting mindset and never use a dream to justify unsafe or non-consensual behavior in real life.

Practice Lucid Dreaming

Practicing techniques for lucid dreaming can help you enter a state of consciousness while still in your dreams, and it can even be used to combat nightmares or manage daytime anxiety. However, it’s important to understand the potential benefits and risks of this practice before trying it out.

One of the most basic ways to lucid dream is by practicing sleep induced lucid dreaming (SIDL). This technique involves staying awake and imagining yourself about to wake up. Eventually, you will fall back asleep and the dream will begin. When this happens, focus on the dream and remind yourself that you are a lucid dreamer.

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Another effective way to practice lucid dreaming is by keeping a dream journal. Whenever you have a dream, immediately write down what happened and the emotions you felt as soon as you wake up. This will train you to remember more of your dreams, which is essential for lucid dreaming. You can also practice reality testing by pinching your nose or closing your eyes to see if it’s real before you go back to sleep.

It’s a good idea to talk with a mental health professional before attempting lucid dreaming, especially if you have any mental illnesses that can lead to hallucinations. It’s also a bad idea to try to lucid dream for too long, as this can cause your normal sleep cycle to be disrupted.

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