How Does Ejaculation Feel?

Having an orgasm is like nothing you’ve ever felt before. The part of your brain that steers logic gets turned off and you might eject liquid, among other things.

Having a good libido — which is fueled by testosterone — is important to orgasms. But how does ejaculation feel exactly?

The Plunger

Men often get the impression that orgasm is simple: a hand or mouth on the penis, and boom. But in reality, ejaculation is a complicated process that involves many muscles around the pelvic area. And understanding it can do wonders for your relationship (and your penis).

The first part of the process is called the plateau phase. During this time, the man’s body gets ready to “blow.” His heart rate goes through the roof, his muscles tighten and spasm, and he starts producing whitish fluids called pre-cum. These help the sperm stay alive during orgasms and ejaculation.

After that comes the orgasm itself, which is when a man experiences ecstasy in the form of intense muscle contractions that pulsate. These muscle contractions force the sperm through the urethra and out the penis, causing it to shoot several feet or more in some cases.

During this phase, the clitoris or glans of the penis can feel sensitive or uncomfortable to touch and the brain may produce high levels of endorphins. As a result, men often lose track of their surroundings and even lose consciousness during orgasms, which can last for up to 20 seconds. Afterward, a man goes through a recovery period called the refractory period, which means he can’t achieve another erection until he has rested. The refractory period can last for a few minutes to a few days for some men.

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The Barrel

You know the feeling of being “down the barrel?” It’s that awful place where you’re a target for lewd and often cruel sexual advances. The phrase’s origin is somewhat obscure, but there’s a lewd (presumably fictional) story that involves a ship’s crew and a barrel that had its bung hole open. The occupant of the barrel would anonymously serve the needs of other members of the crew in exchange for money.

Ejaculation feels different for everyone. Some people don’t ejaculate during an orgasm at all, and even those that do can ejaculate without a climax. In fact, some orgasms feel very good, but don’t involve the expulsion of semen. This is sometimes referred to as a dry orgasm.

In The Barrel layer, nothingness isn’t a solid, but a series of little orbs that can vary in size from only containing a point to containing whole miniature Barrels, creating a fractal-like structure within The Barrel. As the orbs are moved around, they’re often pushed against the glans and clitoris of a person to create sensations that feel incredibly intense and satisfying.

The Needle

When most people think of male orgasm, they picture a guy stroking his penis with his hand or mouth. This is a little off because male orgasm is actually a whole sequence of events in the pelvis during sexual climax. It involves a flood of neurochemicals that induce a state of trance-like pleasure and fast, intense contractions of the muscles in the pelvic area. Ejaculation, which is the expulsion of semen from the penis during orgasm, and orgasm are actually separate physiological events that can occur independently of one another.

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The first stage is the excitement phase that can be triggered by thought, touch or anything that turns you on. Your heart rate and breathing increase, your blood pressure spikes and the muscle tense in and around your penis and prostate. The glans of your penis can feel extra sensitive during this phase, and you may even have a’sex flush’ that causes the chest to lighten or change color for a short time.

Next comes the plateau phase where your erection begins to lose strength and you experience a period of’refractory’, which is a time when you can’t achieve another erection, explains Ingber. During this phase your heart continues to beat high and the muscles tense even more, but now your sperm has reached the opening of your anus and urethra and the ‘needle’ of your penis can begin to move rapidly up and down as you ejaculate.

The Liquid

The liquid that oozes out of the penis during orgasm is known as semen, and it can vary in consistency from person to person. Semen contains sperm and milky white fluid from glands called seminal vesicles. The fluid can taste sweet, salty, or bitter and may feel lumpy or sticky. It can also cause a burning sensation during orgasm.

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During orgasm, the brain sends signals to muscles in the base of the penis. These muscles contract every 0.8 seconds until the semen is shot out. Some people can have orgasms without shooting semen, but the most common reason for this is that the climax hasn’t reached the G-spot. The G-spot is a spot in the vagina that has been linked to female orgasm, but the truth is that most women don’t experience it at all.

Men can also get orgasms from stimulation that isn’t in the genital area, such as music, touch, and mental stimuli. These are known as non-erogenous orgasms and can be just as enjoyable as arousal.

Once a man has orgasm, his erection starts to fall and he may begin to lose his grip on the shaft of the penis. The muscle contractions have helped him to produce a thick and sticky fluid that tastes like the milk of the gods, but it might not be as smooth as he had thought. This is known as premature ejaculation, and it happens to around 30 to 40 percent of all men at one point or another.

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